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Welcome Letter


Dear Friends,
We are happy to introduce you to Beth Ami – Colorado Congregation for Humanistic Judaism. Beth Ami began in 1992 when it became affiliated with the Society for Humanistic Judaism. We have members throughout the Boulder-Denver metropolitan area.
Beth Ami means “house of my people” in Hebrew. The name reflects not only our Jewish heritage and identity but our sense of community and our welcoming spirit. 

We provide a place where secular Jews can find a comfortable home. We appeal to those who respect and love our Jewish heritage and want to affiliate with others with similar viewpoints. We are Jews who want Jewish studies for our children and ourselves, who want to observe Jewish holidays, appreciate Jewish culture, and express a connection with the Jewish people and Israel in a non-theistic setting. Beth Ami welcomes as a Jew anyone who identifies with the history, culture, struggles, triumphs, and future of the Jewish people. Our membership includes those from diverse backgrounds, ages and interests.

Shalom from the Board of Directors,

Sheila Malcolm, Marti Hirsch, Lenore Kingston, Arlene Gerwin, Stu Dolnick

Humanistic Jewish Values

Truth: Rely on what we know about human experience and needs. Discover new powerful truths about our history and present. Advance ethical and moral goals.

Integrity: Say what we mean and mean what we say. Welcome all who seek connections with Jewish culture and history.

Dignity: Embrace the joy, power, and responsibility to shape our own lives. Our dignity goes hand in hand with the dignity of all peoples.

Reality: Employ reason, observation, experimentation and creativity to address questions and understand experiences in this world.

Judaism: Recognize that the Jewish people created Jewish culture. To be a Jew is to identify with the Jewish people.

To honor or remember a member: To send a contribution in remembrence of a Beth Ami member or to honor a Bnai Mitzvah, anniversary, birthday, etc... please email our treasurer Stu Dolnick at A notice of the contribution will be sent to the honoree or family of the remembered.


Why Join Beth Ami? A Humanistic Jewish community sustains us in a supportive and caring environment while enabling us to affirm our Jewish identity through a connection to the past and a link to the future. Our congregation provides an opportunity for sharing the Shabbat, holidays and life cycle events with other Jews. Beth Ami is an extended family for secular Jews of Boulder, Denver and surrounding communities.
We cordially invite you to become a member of Beth Ami - Colorado Congregation for Humanistic Judaism.

Beth Ami - CCHJ Membership dues:
$250 - Individual membership (one adult)
$400 - Family membership (two or more adults in the same household, children under 17)
$25 - Young Adult (ages 17-25) membership - This is an additional fee for member families that have young adults who would like to also be members.
Memberships run September - August.  The above dues cover membership both in Beth Ami - CCHJ and our national organization, the Society for Humanistic Judaism (SHJ). Members receive publications & other materials from SHJ on a regular basis. 

Beth Ami Membership Letter

Payment Options

Contact Information

Congregation email:

Beth Ami "Friends" email list: For people who are not members but want to know about upcoming events and important news at Beth Ami, we have an official email list that you can join. This is a low-volume email list; you can expect to receive approx. 1-2 messages per month. This is a "blind" email list, meaning your email address will not appear in the "To" line for others to see. This list has restrictions on who can send to it; i.e. you will not receive any spam from this list.

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