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Payment Options


2. Zelle:

Your financial institution probably has Zelle, a service that allows customers to send and receive money, usually without incurring any fees.
There are two ways to access Zelle: via your institution’s customer portal or by using the Zelle app on your smartphone. Once you’ve been registered, you’ll be able to issue payments to Beth Ami; select us as the payee via our email address,

3. Check:
Write your check, payable to Beth Ami - CCHJ, and mail to:
Beth Ami-CCHJ

P.O. Box 19061

Boulder, CO 80308

1. PayPal:

Click the PayPal logo and you’ll have a quick-and-easy way to send your payment to Beth Ami.Note: if you can have PayPal draw from your checking account, rather than from a credit card, Beth Ami won’t have to pay a processing fee. Thanks.

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